Heavy protection, homage industry, construction mechanism – Xingle’s rich and happy

  [Land State Observation] Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Zhang Zhifu Han Yuyu Zhang Ting brick mixed structure of anger room, swinging yak and sheep, picking up the express delivery, the small car in the farmhouse & hellip; & hellip; November 10On the day, in the Yoshi County, Wushi County, Wushu County, Yamati Township, Yingjia Village, the annual income of the old Bunlei, Index, looked at the harmonious scene in the village, said that the life of farmers and herdsmen in the border areaBe happy.

  In the border country, the majority of farmers and herdsmen and Bunlei have the same feelings: the prosperous project of the state implemented, such as the spring 上海sh419 breeze is long, the infrastructure is relatively weak, and the border farm and herdsmenThe level of living is constantly improving.Huimin policies have been tilting to the border area.

Frontier Engineering, brought more benefits to the residents of border areas, but also further stimulated the enthusiasm of the broad masses of patriotic Shoubian, enhance confidence toward a better life.

  There are neatly arranged guarantee high happiness index Anju, wide flat asphalt, layout charming little squares & hellip; & hellip; Ali Badji just taken by camera phone home the picture is full of modern style.

Ali just living in Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County Library Tati Pakistan border forces located ex situ poverty alleviation relocation of settlements, November 7, he pointed behind Anju told reporters: Do not look here is akin to finding far border village, we the day is not worse than the city.

  Tati library easily force poor people rich relocation point into the village and Oi Man Estate, relocation of two villages inhabited from remote mountainous areas of 358 to more than 1,400 farmers and herdsmen. Edmonton Village 阿菲塔比克 · Mula Mohammad said that she had lived in the mountains, cooking and making tea thanks to cow dung, which use natural gas as it is now so convenient. In addition, the upper and lower water, electric heating, TV, the Internet is the placement of the standard point of every household. Relatively sparsely populated border areas, but the more people’s livelihood safety net woven more densely. Green River County qagan Le village SAERBULAKE village is known as the first Sino-Mongolian border village, the villagers Shangkuli Xiati Ha Bi talking to school children, the elderly medical care, youth employment, national insurance and other livelihood guarantee familiar.

In March this year, I opened the farmhouse, now 100,000 yuan of income.

He said. Reporters learned that, in recent years, strong organization around Qinghe County, to build positions, Cohesion, solid work thinking frontier, to promote the well-off border village construction.

Each border village of further integration of human resources, projects, funding and other resources, continuous improvement of infrastructure, special industries continue to grow, the development of rural tourism. Villagers day over the more prosperous, more to build their homes more beautiful.

  There are industry wide road to get rich before the village we just plant some traditional crops, income sources are not wide.

Now the village developing industries, the opportunities to make money at home there, work hard, and will open the farmhouse. November 2, looking at Huizhou-style green corridor extends to the door, the original rugged open space into a picking garden and a small garden, Wensu spit wood show g town village houses railing to mention Mike · ranking and his wife discuss.

  Railings village only 60 km from the border with Kyrgyzstan, the old party members in the village of Huda thanks to Yiming · 20 years as one day the flag-raising story widely circulated.

This year, with the help of the regional Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources in the railing village to visit Hui poly Task Force, railing village actively develop ecological and cultural tourism red, planting fruit characteristics, characteristics of aquaculture, green vegetable farming, and strive to create red text brigade , business market, walnut processing, aquaculture and processing, rice and wheat processing five highlights of the project, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.

  Aksu Prefecture, a total of five border township 50 border villages.

In recent years, the Frontier policy allows border villagers Fu Xing side, the border village last year the per capita net income of close to million.

This year, in party history study and education in the border village of Aksu Prefecture to play geographical advantages in resources, and constantly improve the infrastructure, developing industries, promote rural tourism development to ensure a common prosperity on the road is not left behind. Ke-Ke teeth Wensu town red village Tage Mubarak village network growing reputation, the new village Parker Luck characteristics of rural tourism industry has become a street culture brand.

  Xing industry, letting characteristics and advantages of the border area continued to enlarge. Zhaosu County is located in the mountains of the Kazakh border, the border is about 220 km.

In promoting national prosperity to border areas and other policies in recent years, Zhaosu border pastoral areas through investment in the development of industry, a lot of farmers and herdsmen turned industrial workers.

Not only that, by accelerating a number of high-quality agricultural products of high quality green agricultural development and brand building of agricultural products, potatoes, garlic, beets, etc. are very popular in the market.

  There are mechanisms Shoubian enough power a yurt is a post, a border is a guard. In the Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture is known as Wan Shan State, many herders to graze, Shoubian generation to generation as a way of life, into the veins. Our days better year after year, the key lies in policies of the Party and the country great.

We should take the typical Buru Ma Khan Maurer duo around as an example, patriotic frontiers, to serve the motherland.

November 11, when Kyrgyzstan root Wuqia County township Sahara iron lek small village square, according to the villagers hot chocolate wood and wood Jiang folks chat, say the truth. He and his wife are members care side, the couple monthly care side member of subsidies, while the development of aquaculture, a year down the household income exceeds $ 100,000. & Hellip;; from migrant workers to settle in the city, from highland farming to tourism development & hellip grams states in the implementation of the Frontier operation, one industrial projects Yuanjiang floor, a modernized factory built for the million and Sahara iron lek village in the highlands of nomadic herders, like generations of Kirgiz herders, opened the door to prosperity. In Hot Springs County has more than 240 km long border line, the border village of many young people and became a member of their edge.

Every month edge protector member of subsidies, may also develop a courtyard economy or doing 上海春风楼会所论坛 odd jobs, life was very moist. Hot Springs County Hari cloth called town Ari Shuttleworth village of Ai-Buka said.

  Armed Forces Minister Hari cloth called town Uli Green introduced, Hari cloth called town has more than 580 members care side, of which 50% were households out of poverty.

In recent years, as the country works to enrich the people Xing side to further promote, help farmers and herdsmen in the border areas of common prosperity accelerating pace, constantly improve the mechanism, but also opened up the door for the green channel of employment difficulties of young families. In addition, we are equipped to each patrol duty point by warm water and electricity facilities, and improve the working conditions of care side, to solve the difficulties they encounter in life, further stimulate farmers 浦东新区按摩 and herdsmen patriotic Shoubian, rejuvenating the border wealth of enthusiasm.

Uli Green said.