Winter kidney, these two kinds of foods are good

Winter kidney, these two kinds of foods are good

百 菇 香 香 菇 大 大 大 大 大 大 味 味 味 味 味 平 味 味. 作. 作……………………………..In addition, the mushrooms and nucleic acid substances in the mushroom can promote the dissolution of cholesterol, which helps to inhibit serum cholesterol rise, reduce the content of blood lipids in the blood.Polysaccharides in the mushroom, double-stranded nucleic glyconic acid and other components have antivirus, anti-tumor, etc., which have anti-cancer effect on the human body.The mushrooms have certain elimination effects on hydrogen peroxide in the human body, which can improve the body’s immune function and delay aging.Such as the most healthy Liu Tiejun: mushrooms with tofu: can spleen appetite, lipid-lowering weight loss, mushrooms and tofu have the effect of lipid-lowering weight loss, taking food can increase appetite, gastric stomach, lower blood pressure. Blood pressure.

Mushrooms with Celery: Mushroom rich in vitamin D is consumed simultaneously with celestial carotenoids, protective vision, anti-aging. Such a non-scientific Liu Tiejun: the mushroom contains sterol. If it is toned with a carotenoid, it will destroy the carotenoid contained in tomato, which will reduce the nutritional value.

Mushrooms and alcohol will reduce the absorption rate of the human body on vitamin D.

The crowd should ought to Liu Tunjun: Suitable for immunity, and the anemia is eating. Patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer patients should eat. Gout patients and people with high uric acid should eat less.

The mother is just not suitable for food shortly. It is not suitable for patients with uric acid and nephrotic disease.

Method for eating Method Liu Tiejun: Mushrooms can be delicious, edible, can mix cooking with all kinds of vegetarian dishes, cold and cold, can also be burned, fried, burn soup, stew, fried sauce, make stuffing, etc. Health Tips Liu Tiejun: Special large fresh mushrooms is best not to eat, it is likely to be administered to the hormones, and if you often eat, you will be harmful to human health. Preferred Recipe Recommended Mountain Code of Mushroom: There is a spleen appetite, nourishing yin and aphrodisiac.

Material: 300 grams of yam, fresh mushrooms, 100 grams of carrots. 10 grams of seasoning oil, soy sauce, pepper, salt. Practice: 1. Wash the mushrooms, cut the film; carrots, remove the skin, cut into thin slices; clean, cut the onion; the yam washed, peeled, cut into thin slices. 2. Pour in the pot, pour the oil, save the onion, put the yam, mushrooms and carrots and stir well, add soy sauce, use the fire to cook for 10 minutes to the cooked, add salt and pepper It can be greatly held. Delicious plus small tricks: After the yam sections, it is necessary to soak in salt water to prevent oxidation. Mushroom rapeseed: there is a liver and kidney, spleen and stomach, and puzzle. Material: 250 grams of mushrooms, 300 grams of rape, onion, ginger, garlic, salt, soy sauce.

Practice: 1. The rape is slightly cooked slightly, and it is plain.

Lower onions, ginger, minced garlic fried.

2. Put in the mushrooms, add salt, soy sauce mode, and finally pour it on the rapeseed rape. A delicious plus childrens: Before making cooking with dry mushrooms, it is best to use hot water to make dry mushrooms to make the mushrooms, can release the ribonucleic acid to release the fresh flavor, but can’t soak for too long, so as to avoid mushrooms Fresh flavor losses.

Black Bean Kidney Valley for the benefits of liver and kidney Liu Tiejun: Chinese medicine believes that the bean is a kidney valley, black is water, water takes the kidney, and the black beans can supplement kidney.

In Chinese medicine, black beans are incorporated into medicine, and yellow beans are not entered, highlighting the special kid-kids health care of black beans. Reduce cholesterol Liu Tiejun: The phytosome containing the black beans are not absorbed by the human body, but inhibits the human absorption cholesterol, reducing cholesterol in the blood content. Therefore, there is a good food, can soften the blood, and reduce the human cholesterol content, which is beneficial to hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteries. Anti-elderly anti-aging, Moi, Liu Tiejun: The vitamin E contained in black beans is 5 to 7 times higher than the meat, which is an important substance that maintains youthful bodybuilding. The skin of black beans contains anthocyanins, and the anthocyanin is a good antioxidant source, which can remove free radicals in vivo, reduce skin wrinkles, and maintain youthful and beautiful.

In addition, the black beans contain a lot of pantothenoes, there is a ufury effect. Prevent constations Liu Tiejun: The thick fiber content in black beans is as high as 4%, and the common food black beans can promote digestion to prevent constipation. Jian Brain Puzzle Liu Tiejun: There is a 2% egg lutein in black beans, which can be brain puzzle, prevent the brain from being slow due to aging. Black beans contain rich trace elements, which can delay the agglomeration of the grid and keep your body function.

This is the most healthy Liu Tiejun: 1. Black beans contain rich folic acid, and if you eat simultaneously with milk, you can promote the digestion of vitamin B12 in milk. 2. Black beans and vinegar are simultaneously consumed, and the pressure can be reduced. Due to the rich dietary fiber due to black beans, it can be detoxified, and it can be built with a vinegar to cool down.

3. Black beans can replenish the liver and kidney, blood circulation, Wuji can nourish the blood, black beans and black chicken with all kinds of food with Wu Haotai blood, strong fitness.

4. Black beans are suitable for mixing porridges in various cereals, not only delicious, but also increase nutrition. This matches the sick Liu Tiejun: black beans and persimmon matching easy to form stones. Because the calcium and persimmon in the black beans are combined with each other, an insoluble combination is generated, and it is easy to form a stones for a long time.

The crowd should tempted Liu Tiejun: It is very suitable for patients with spleen deficiency with spleen deficiency.

Waist and knees are soft, and too many women with white tape can teach the body.

Children can not eat black beans. Patients with gastrointestinal disorders should also be careful.

The black beans have a detoxification effect, and the Chinese medicine is not suitable for consumption.

Method for eating Liu Tiejun: Black beans are generally used to cook or soup.

Health Tips Liu Tiejun: I can’t eat excessive black beans at a time, so as not to cause incompetence. Preferred recipes Recommended black bean soy milk: there is a potential, lungs, diuretic, and swelling.

Material: 70 grams of black beans, the right amount of sugar.

Practice: 1. The black beans are added to the soft, remove it. 2. Put the foamed black beans into the fully automatic soymilk, add a proper amount of water to stir into a soy milk, cook.

3. Filter the soy milk and add appropriate amount of white sugar to mix thoroughly.

Delicious plus small tricks: black beans are green heart beans and yellow heartbeats, Chinese medicine believes that green heart black beans are higher than the nutritional value of yellow heart black beans.

Black Beans Soymill: It has supplemental nutrition, delaying the effect of aging.

Material: 70 grams of black beans, 50 ml of fresh milk. Practice: 1. The black beans are adding water, soaked to soft, remove it.

2. Put the black beans into the soymilk, stir the juice, and heat and cook.

3. Filter the cooked black bean milk and transfer the warm fresh milk, stir evenly.

Health Tips: When the black beans are soaked in water, there will be slight flea, which belongs to normal.

(Reporter Zhang Tianyi).