Sichuan began a special supervision system to control construction enterprises qualification examination and approval

Sichuan began a special supervision system to control construction enterprises qualification examination and approval

The reporter has learned from the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commission, the group has promoted the system governance of the construction enterprise qualification examination and approval, as an important part of the practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the people", do deeply Special supervision, close attention to the problem clues and cases, ensure that the rectification is effective, and continuously improve the sense of happiness of the people. "The former investigation department of the Provincial Housing Construction Department, Wang Weidan, the provincial, resident, the provincial and residential department, Li Dajun, etc., the leading cadres of Li Dachi, who seriously violated the laws and discipline in the field of construction enterprises, exposed the provincial construction enterprise qualification examination and approval supervision Serious Problem.

"The relevant person in charge of the group said that Li Danjun used the administrative examination and approval of the author, only for more than 300 construction enterprises for qualifications, more than 5 million yuan, seriously endangering the supervision of the construction project, harming the legitimate rights and interests of the people. Deepen The case is protected by the case, and the regular inspection department system governance office letter and visit report accepts the case, and the clues related to the qualification examination and approval are fully under the bottom. Corruption. In order to press the main responsibility of the main body, Zhazhang system cage, the group promoted the responsible department to introduce the "Qualification Performance Test Review Review Review of the Construction Enterprises", and incorporate the performance invested business into the provincial platform to handle the provincial platform, and report to all local verification The construction of construction enterprises, randomly extracts review according to the proportion of no less than 10% a quarter; the "Double-review" system is implemented, and at least two people are arranged at least to confirm the cross-review confirmation, and prevent results.

In response to the provision of the construction enterprise qualification examination and approval, the staff qualification, performance fake and other issues, the group supervised the responsible department to establish the construction project title personnel inquiry system, incorporating the construction engineering professional technical professional technical title of the construction department of the residential construction department into system management, implementation Online query comparison, further compress free discretion. Supervise the comprehensive verification of the project performance of the pre-test entering the system, verify and label the false performance, doubt, and report the construction department according to the procedures. Supervise the responsible department to clear the "zombie enterprise", the company has not normalized after obtaining qualifications, and companies currently do not meet the qualification conditions, order to rectify, and the rectification is unqualified.

Promote the acceptance, review, publicity, decision of the optimization qualification examination, and the enterprises that make a false fake defraud qualification are locked in the system, and it must not be declared within half a year. "I have a practical thing for the masses" practical activities, involving a wide range, and a force in a single place is difficult to coordinate. The group focuses on joint various types of supervision power, promoting the relevant problems cross-sectoral synergies.

In the system governance of the project enterprise qualification examination and approval, we take the initiative to strengthen communication and docking, supervision and interaction with relevant provincial direct department discipline inspection and supervision agencies, and coordinate the provincial people’s social hall into the assistant unit, which will be in the provincial and social department discipline inspection team. Together, we will promote the information of the personnel information management of the human society to carry out the storage management, and gradually realize the electronic comparison of the staff of various construction projects. "The group of relevant person in charge said.

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