Wheel: After the industrial strong bones are full

Wheel: After the industrial strong bones are full

Core Tip: The field glows the vitality, rolling mills, rumbler, farming community, cattle and strong sheep, fertilizer …, on the rural Zhenxing Road, the painting of the high-quality development in Terrand is slowly launched.

[Village new appearance] Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Du Jianhui correspondent Jiang Weizhenfield glow in the vitality, rolling factory acoustic, breeding community Niu Zhuang Sheep Fertip; & hellip; rural Zhenxing Road, Tuantai County high-quality development picture Xu Xu launched. On November 23, I looked at the long-distance winter wheat. Turkish County Harbak Township Kuttok, Village, Mai Mai, was rampant: these years of wheat subsidy policy is particularly good, this year I specifically 40 acres of new Winter 22 wheat, I can also grow corn after I have received wheat, will definitely have a good harvest.

In recent years, Terrand County has been put into billion yuan to promote high standard farmland construction, actively explore how well the grain fruit is multi-cooked, vigorously develop high-yield, efficient, water-saving modern agriculture, and make scale breeding as a breakthrough in the development of animal husbandry. Promote high quality development in agricultural industries. Our county mainly promotes the tillering power, high scorpion rate, and the earliest variety of new winter 22 wheat, allowing high quality, high-yield winter wheat varieties to enhance planting household income. Tree County Seed Management Station Changuke Carder said.

This year, Tuanxian County implemented the winter wheat subsidy area of ??10,000 mu, the redemption subsidy fund was 37 million yuan, further inspiring the enthusiasm of farmers’ wheat.

60% of Peasant’s income in Turkami is coming from a cotton industry.

Tian Chengfang, Lin Cheng.com, dry energy cast, water sailor, channel, channel, road connected high-standard farmland construction, strongly promoted the mechanization and intelligence process of cotton industry.

It is very easy to plant, and the tofu block has become a large field, and the large machinery is directly opened into the ground.

It is the benefit of high standard farmland construction, and cotton growers have opened the words. He said that from cotton seeds, irrigation, fertilization to spray, harvest, is mechanized, intelligent, and professional and technical personnel. This year, the construction of cotton refined semi-intensive sowing technology in Tuanxian County reached 100%, and the cotton area was 10,000 mu, cotton total million tons, realized the production and efficiency of industrial improvement, and increased production of farmers. Animal husbandry is another important pillar industry that drives local farmers and herdsmen. Since last year, Terrand County has a large-scale breeding community in accordance with each township, high quality, high standard construction concentrated breeding community, radiation driving peripheral farmers income and rural economic development. The land area of ??434 mu of Timai County, Harbak Village, Wheum, Tieki Village, is a concentrated farming community in an integrated animal quarantine, epidemic prevention and breeding.

The farming community can raise nearly 10,000 cattle and sheep (only), 32 silage tanks can make 10,000 tons of silage.

The Party Committee of the Harbak Township, Vice Township, Ai Haini Nur, and the farming community also drives 50 employment, with a per capita annual income of more than 30,000 yuan.

Up to now, Whenegro (only), a thousand heads (only), animal husbandry income accounts for 20% of the per capita income of local farmers.