Strictly hit the child’s youth near the anti-control products false propaganda

Strictly hit the child’s youth near the anti-control products false propaganda

  The Office of the General Administration of Supervision recently released the "Notice on Carrying out the special rectification of business marketing publicity of children" adolescents (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), clarifying children from November 2022 to March 2022 to organize children’s youth Illegal commercial marketing publicity special rectification actions for myopia prevention and control products.

  The "Notice" requires severely cracking down on the false illegal marketing publicity of children’s adolescents. Under the current medical technology conditions, myopia can’t be cured.

The misunderstand expressions such as "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" "Rehabilitation" Increase the fight against consumer behavior in the name of Chinese medicine or the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and technology for marketing promotion.

Severely crack down on using the name or image of the patient’s name or image, and the false illegal advertisement of the publicity of the treatment or the safety of the treatment or the safety of the diagnosis and treatment.

  "Notice" pointed out that to strengthen advertising and network transaction monitoring, continuously strengthen monitoring technology applications, focus on the time nodes of the opening ceremony, holidays, network concentration promotion periods, carry out special monitoring and clearing the illegal content of the network market.

Increase the "double random, one disclosure" inventory of key market mains, and dramatically investigate and punish relevant issues according to law according to law.

Perseverance line underline integration supervision, focus on the key media and advertising issuance channels of broad and social influences, strengthen supervision law enforcement. Strengthen the supervision of Internet platforms, and increase the disciplinary strength of illegal platforms, and net commercial marketing publicity environments.

Solidly do key regions such as urban main roads, public transport, large population traffic, and billboard investigation work, from strict investigation schools, children around the hospital, children, adolescents, anti-control products, false, illegal, outdoor advertisements. "Notice" emphasizes that administrative guidance is to strengthen administrative guidance, promote the administrative guidance of the market entities of the production and operation of the children’s youth, the advertising production issuing unit, promote the law of the law, improve the business awareness of law. Timely talk about important Internet companies in this region, requiring it to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and earnestly bear the responsibility of platform, constantly improve platform rules, and strengthen internal audits. Instruct the e-commerce platform to further strengthen the identity information management, publicity, and strict implementation of eye instruments and other medical devices and related special commodity management qualification review responsibilities. "Notice" requires market supervision departments to strengthen organizational leadership, carefully deploy arrangements, refine work measures, and strengthen law enforcement cases to ensure effectiveness of special rectification actions. Strengthen information communication and cooperation with health, Chinese medicine, education, and network letter and other departmental information and cooperation, form supervision and cooperation, and effectively implement the criminalization requirements, and discover suspected crime in law enforcement, resolutely transfer the judicial organ.

Timely exposure of typical cases, strengthen warning education, and continuously enhance the influence and shocking power of market supervision law enforcement.