Xinhua full media + 丨 accurate warning, careful preparation, response quickly – fight the extreme Blizzard Tongliao City like the time race

Xinhua full media + 丨 accurate warning, careful preparation, response quickly – fight the extreme Blizzard Tongliao City like the time race

In the survey, please wait.If you have no response, please refresh this page Xinhua News Agency Hohhot November 12th: Empress warning, careful preparation of war, response quickly – anti-strike Extreme Block Tongliao City This and Time Running Xinhua News Agency reporter Enhao, Langlei, Liu Lei 11Since the 5th of the month, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has suffered the most strongest storm in the local meteorological record, with a maximum snow depth of 68 cm, exceeding the historical extreme.

This is a snow that has been concerned with social concern. The responsibility is such as mountains. How to ensure smooth, guarantee operation, protect people’s livelihood, ensure that economic and social operation is normal, ensure that the people ‘s life is normal … In front of this Northern Prairie Always fully respond, run with time. Snow is not until, the people move first: carefully deploy the people’s livelihood fully prepared, quickly act, based on the defense, anti-help combination, this extreme blizzard weather process, Tongliao City heating power supply is guaranteed, the supply necessities supply is sufficient, the market price is stable, The city handed a high-level people’s livelihood answer.

  "On November 3, we predicted the blizzard process to the relevant departments of the municipal government.

Xu Jianguo, the chief forecast expert of Tongliao City Meteorological Bureau, said that due to the rare blizzard weather, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance to the weather, and made a lot of attention. Ready to work.

  On the 11th, the reporter saw in the Green Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market of Tongliao, the staff was in an orderly manner, and the truck was continuously transported to the city’s communities and surrounding flag counties. Qian Gui, chairman of Tongliao Yongda Green Agrow Sideline Products Wholesale Market, said: "In response to the cold wave of cold trends in this winter, the wholesale market began autumn reserves on October 10, which is not problematic, and the price is stable.

"On November 11th, in Tongliao Yongda Green Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market, the staff was handling vegetables. Xinhua News Agency reporter continuously photographed" winter disease summer "," warm current "in the blizzard.

This year, Tongliao thermoelectric company reflects some small residents that are more concentrated by heating problems, and implemented non-hot "winter sick summer" heating management.

Ms. White in Yuejing Garden Community said: "This year, this year, this year is so cold, but the room has been kept at 23 ° C, it is so warm to the heart!" Wind and snow weather, the transmission line is easy to form a frozen dance, which in turn causes tripping. Affect the downstream power supply.

On the basis of this year, the National Net Tongliao Power Supply Company did not take precautions in the beginning of this year. Up to now, Tongliao power grid operates smoothly, no line trip events, power customers are safe and stable. Staying up all night, there is no bystander in the blizzard to suddenly blizzard on November 18 last year, causing urban roads covered by snow, and the traffic is inseparable.

This year, on the basis of full preparation, Tongliao has allocated thousands of people, 12336 in all kinds of snow-covered vehicles, adopting snow covered with clear, 24-hour mannewing machinery, unstoppable working models to carry out street removal work.

In addition, the surrounding areas such as Chifeng, Xing’an League also actively responded to the deployment arrangement of the autonomous region and dispatched a clear snow vehicle to support Tongliao.

In the morning of the 12th, the reporter saw in Tongliao urban area, and the main roads have exposed asphalt pavement, and the traffic order is basically recovered.

  Since November 5, Tongliao City public security, fire, transportation, and sanitation and other departments have been in the snow, and they will invest in the snow and rescue in the snow. "There are 3 schools such as Corqin Primary School on the road, in order to clean the snow as soon as possible, we prefer the Qingxing machinery.

"At 22 o’clock on the 10th, the Tongliao City Public Security Bureau traffic management detachment police in the cold wind in the cold wind," may have to work at 3 am, but for the children to start on time, we must stick to the post.

"On November 11th, in Tongliao Railway Station, people travel. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Lei photo" The cold wind puts the snow on the face, just like a knife. "Tongliao train station staff is Yu Wei.

After Blizzard, Yu Wei and 721 cadres and workers were put into the sweeping of 685 sets of hub.

In order to prevent the shoes from falling off, in the snow, Yu Wei and colleagues use tape to tie their trousers and shoes, stay in the wind and night, with an average of only two or three hours a day. After a few days of Qingxing, there is currently, the train is actually resumed by the train from the Tongliao Station.

  Up to now, Tongliao City co-organizes the armed police, comprehensive rescue team, social rescue power, rescue vehicles more than 320 cars, rescue equipment 3,110 sets, successfully rescued more than 1,000 trapped people, more than 1,000 trapped vehicles, disposal The collapse of large factory buildings and livestocks have a total of more than 200 million yuan in economic losses. Visiting the second to carry out self-rescue, grassroots battle fortress and time racing encountered blizzard, strong cooling, big wind weather, housing, livestock, shed, crops, etc. in rural pastoral area, Tongliao City. Naiman Flag White Yin, Hirahumu Baotou, the secretary of the party branch, He group, before the blizzard is coming, and the investigation will organize the farmers and herdsmen to grab corn, strengthen the coverage, reserve the forage, after the snow, the coach leads farming The people are divided into situations in the socks and the road in the village. In the wind and snow, the party members of the three children of Kurun Town, Kulen, rushed to the front, lead the masses to clean the main roads to clean, safeguard the road, organize farmers and herdows to produce self-help.

  On November 11th, the three families of Cullen Town, Cullen, Tongliao City, Zhaowa, Zhang Weixu, was cleaned up in the snow on corn.

(Respondent) On the 11th, the reporter came to the three families of Kurun Town of Cullen, and saw that the villager Zhang Weixu and his neighbors sweep in their own hospital.

What he worried was that nearly 30,000 pounds of corn harvested in the autumn a few days ago, he was still in the hospital, which is easy to get tide. After the blizzard, the weather turned fine. Zhang Weixu quickly carried out the snow, and several neighbors took the initiative to help him clean up.

  The reporter learned in Tongliao, in the process of this blizzard, the party branch of rural pastoral areas across the float, the first time of the village committee, organized the agricultural and herdsmen to actively carry out production self-rescue, fully played the grassroots battle fortress Role, accelerate rural pastoral area to restore the normal order of production life.