Tonggu County Taxation Bureau: Projectization Promotion in Village Country Revitalization

Tonggu County Taxation Bureau: Projectization Promotion in Village Country Revitalization

"Bathing the party’s good policy, we get rid of poor caps.

‘Green Silver Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan’, I have recently, in the new era civilization practice station in Qinkoke Village, a "consolidating the poverty" and the rural resolution effective connection "public opinion is lively, and the villagers participating in the event are active to the county. The Ministry of Cadres and the "Two Committees" Cadres in Village Cadres and Villages.

The villagers of Chokerage Village have always worried about the party committee of the county tax bureau in the village. After a multi-wheel research, repeatedly collect opinions, combined with the village of the gallbots, the "tax rural entity" by the county tax bureau, "Tax Running Rural Encutor, the revitalization opened the courage" two mountains "practice innovation demonstration secret key" The project was broken, and the project was included in the list of key supervision projects of the County Taxation Bureau "to the masses".

"In the new starting point, the tax party member cadres should not be reduced, continue to contribute wisdom and strength for the village of the gallbots, and the three-year rolling advancement, under the strong party construction, and do a good job of effective connection ‘solid results’, stable production Guaranta, the bottom line ‘, the rich people, the industry, "Rural construction’ US environment", rural development ‘Timing’, rural governance ‘promoting harmony " .

"Party Secretary, Director Liang Weidong said. Entering the office building of the village of Chokerage, a rural resonance" construction drawing "is extravagant. This is the" streamlined "boost production made by the county Taxation Bureau. The rolling scheme for the revitalization of the village of the gallbots.

"The tax authorities planned early, and established a contact dialogue mechanism with townships in the outside industry, the mobile Huimin service hall has established a mobile Huimin Service Hall in the village, providing accessible services, opening up the production, supply, sales link, plugging, string The sewing service ‘chain’, for more market entities to participate in the high quality development of cholester village to build a very attractive entrepreneurial stage, which can be expired in the future.

"Chen Min Chen Min, the first secretary of the village. In order to ensure the" practical thing to do ", the County Taxation Bureau Party Construction Work Share organized the mass satisfaction survey of tax residents, normalized dynamic performance evaluation, annual happiness index Mutual evaluation, collecting the real experience of villagers, entrepreneurs, and improve tax service work, the masses’ happiness, feelings, satisfaction further improve. (Wang Xiaoyan) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see .