Wanshan: Leading Enterprises promote traditional agriculture "butterfly"

Wanshan: Leading Enterprises promote traditional agriculture "butterfly"

This newspaper (Reporter Chen Yang) Recently, the vegetable greenhouse of Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park, Wanshan District, has a long time, and will enter the admission period. The general manager of the park said: "Through the water fertilizer integrated technology system, our output of vegetables, high quality, high yield.

"Wang Shouming said that the water fertilizer integrated system can be prepared according to demand, which saves manual, water, management cost, and promotes income and increasing income according to demand.

In addition, the park also uses film, hanging, soil improvement, physical prevention and pegs and pegs, and large data temperature control systems, the park, improve crop quality and production. "It turned out that there was only more than 9,000 kilograms of production in an annual basis of 1 acre. After using the scientific and technological means, it is now two seasons in 1 acres. The total output can reach 50,000 pounds, and the quality is also higher." Wang Shouming said.

Since 2015, Wanshan has promoted the "Jiufeng Agriculture +" model in the whole district, built modern standard vegetable greenhouses, and sent technicians to 11 townships (streets) to serve as a vice-township of science and technology, and teaching in the field.

In just a few years, there were 79 greenhouse vegetable bases in Wanshan, and the planting of 30,000 mu, covering 11 townships (streets) (streets), and realizing the butterflies of traditional agriculture "from the field to their sheds" and promoted modern. High-efficient agricultural development in mountains. Today, Wanshan should create a special industry brand, Xieqiao, Huang Daoxiang pomelo, Xiaxi Ecological Grape, Tea Shop, Fisherd, and Successfully declared 3 provincial agricultural science and technology demonstration parks. .

"Next, we will focus on the development direction of agricultural modernization, and strive to achieve total output value of agriculture and forestry and animal husbandry, growing more than 7%, rural per capita disposable revenue increases by more than 10% of the target. Strive to cultivate 1 national agricultural leading enterprise 5 provincial agricultural leading enterprises, develop 10 rural collective economy strong villages, standardize 50 domestic farms; focus, strengthen the development of 5 advantages, industrial clusters, and realize the comprehensive output value of each advantage to more than 1 billion yuan.

"Director of Wanshan Agricultural Rural Bureau, Yuan Zi Zhong said. (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.