Wenzhou Lucheng intimate service to write "shoes" article

Wenzhou Lucheng intimate service to write "shoes" article

Original title: Intimate service to write "shoes" article "last month, our company’s marketing volume has increased by 30%, and the results are very good.

"Yesterday (January 10), Wang Jing, chairman of Wenzhou Language Footwear Co., Ltd. told reporters.

The high sales of the language shoe industry, thanks to China’s shoes, Shoes, Funmen Street, Wenzhou La Chengfumen Street. The purchase festival gathers the group of 14 footwear parks, and three days have been sold by nearly 1 billion yuan.

  New Year’s new weather, service reappearance.

As the core area of ??deer city shoe, Fengmen Street is in "shoes", it is an article, Hua Fu, let this shoe hot soil new life. Behind the fruitful results, it is the "three service" activities as a starting point, ask in enterprises, asking questions, weighing the body to help companies understand the problem, and promote development.

  The domestic capital market "The first share of shoes" in the middle of the shoes is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and became the vivid case of the "three services" in the "three service" process. "We sent a special person to the middle of the fashion, insist on visiting at least once a week, important matters collection, joint research and crack. At the same time, enterprises training, inviting experts to interpret the company’s interpretation of the relevant policies.

"The relevant person in charge of Fengmen Street said.

  Solve corporate personal identity, pay more attention to resolving common problems.

Construction of the focus industry technology research platform, Fengmen Street surrounded by a common technical problem of footwear, build a technical research service platform through various ways of industrial research institutes, technology transfer centers. They join hands with Sichuan University and cooperate to establish Wenzhou Center, National Key Laboratory of Footwear Industry Technology and Leather Industry, and share the resources of both sides through school (hospital), to achieve the goals of cooperation between the two parties and cultivate scientific and technological talents. At the same time, they have been inserted by internal education, and there is an innovative service network with more than 50 professional innovation platform service agencies in the layout of the shoe art, solve the pain points of lack of innovative information resources in SMEs and channels. "Precision, nest in the nesting phoenix", is another way of deepening "three services" in Fengmen Street.

Since the Libe City Footwear Industry Innovation Services Complex Selected the provincial-level creation list, Fengmen Street strongly enters the company to join the "footwear complex", and encourage the leading enterprises to share quality resources to the complex, driving the development of the upper and lower reaches. They attracted more than 40 shoe enterprises from Guangzhou to introduce more than 40 shoes and enterprises, and fundamentally solved the immunity.

  It is reported that Fengmen Street will continue to deepen the "three service" activities, aim at the high-end link system, collect a batch of functional complementary advantages, landing a batch of high-quality high-end industrial projects, helping Wenzhou to "world shoes". (Editor: Jin Zhongyao, Zhang Liwei).