Wenzhou Longwan Grassroots Party Construction Alliance enters 2.0 era for common prosperity

Wenzhou Longwan Grassroots Party Construction Alliance enters 2.0 era for common prosperity

  "With this credit, my resettlement house will be falling. The hidden heart is finally landed." On September 28th, when Wenzhou Longwan District, Yunyuan Street Hengjun Village Old Chen Licheng Longwan Rural Commercial Bank has completed the horizontal The dismantling of the demolition of the street village regressive regular loan credit, he can go to the loan at any time, laugh, you can’t close your mouth.

  Lao Chen’s credit is a comprehensive implementation of the Party Construction Alliance, which is held recently held by the Organization Department of Longwan District Committee to help the "Common Fuyu" and the financial commissioner to enter the village work deployment will be delivered.

On the same day, the area also released the first batch of village-level party construction alliance circles and "Party Construction Alliance + Financial Commissioner" to help the common prosperity action plan. This also marks the "Dragon Bay Grassroots Party Construction Alliance officially entered multi-mode, single object, single function, and the era of alliances, cross-level alliances, will be better intensive to create a common wealthy Dragon Bay model. It is reported that the party building alliance in this release is based on the pre-exploration of various villages (communities), and more than 50 units, banks, grassroots stations, and social organizations in all villages (communities), in accordance with the party construction leadership, complementary advantages, industrial collaboration The strength of the strength of the weakness, thus building a development platform for the village community, party members, and activities, and project co-construction platforms.

Among them, the Longwan Rural Commercial Bank of the Union member units has selected 130 financial commissions, surrounding seven preferential policies and policies to help common prosperous action plans, in-depth access to the village residential department, help the village collective economic development and village income .

More than 2,000 households in Hengjie Village returned to special credit funds, which were launched according to the actual needs of the masses.

  "Through the Party Construction Alliance ‘House Development’, explore government BT project construction, corporate joint construction, financial policy support and other means to build small micro gorges, will effectively resolve the shortage of national collective funds, nervous use of land.

Wang Bin, secretary of the party branch of Xiaotang Village, Yongxing Street, Longwan District, said that they are preparing to provide mechanisms such as financial services villages with alliances, providing financing, technical exchanges, project cooperation, etc.

  In order to promote the various institutional measures of the Party Construction Alliance, the Organization Department of the Longwan District Committee also clarified 7 working mechanisms such as office, joint procedures, regular visits, and established 10 attendance management, policy preaching, democratic reviews. The assessment system of the content, and the results of the assessment and the alliance policy, the village parties organization evaluation first, the financial commissioner performance salary is linked. Squi, will promote the party building alliance practice, further explore the construction of the alliance guidance group, new helper, strong village company, and promote development integration, governance integration with the integration of party construction work.

  "The establishment of the party building alliance and the selection of financial commissioners, will jointly and stable ‘live water from the grassroots, the grassroots, etc., which will be the political requirements of the service party committee government center, and the comprehensive development of grassroots organizations. Realistic needs. "The relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of Longwan District Tellors said that since the beginning of this year, the area has also introduced" The Village-level Collective Economics and Equipment "," Comprehensive Promotion of the Party Construction Alliance? Collaborative Development " Program ", implement" Village Race? Three-to-three look "on-site mutual learning, with a series of new mechanisms to speed up the construction of" one district five cities ", and promote common prosperity injection.

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